Clasic treatment

A 75 minutes complete and relaxing treatment with products
that suit your skincondition.

Expert treatment

A 75 minutes intens treatment in which your skin will get a real boost by using products of the Esthederm Expert line.

Oxy Peeling

A 1 hour peeling treatment in which your skin will be peeled with oxytherappy to reveal a new radiant skin!

Lift System

A 90 minutes anti-aging treatment with direct results because of the use of a thermic gypsummask with mint and lavender. Also special is the massage with qi gong balls.

White System

A 75 minutes anti-aging treatment in wich the pigments in your skin will be divided more evenly. Your skin will look brighter and more radiant!

Cyclo Repair

A 90 minutes firming anti-aging treatment with a regenerative mask and a special massage with qi gong balls.

Express treatment

A 30 minutes vitalizing treatment to deepclean your skin.


This extremely relaxing back-, neck- and shouldermassage starts with a soft peeling and takes approximately 45 minutes.

Hand treatment

The manicure takes about 30 minutes in which hands and nails will be soaked, peeled, filed, polished, nurished and massaged.

Foot treatment

This cosmetic foot pampering takes about 60 minutes. Your feet and nails will be soaked, scrubbed, decallused, filed, massaged, nurished with a cooling mask and a lovely footcream. (bring your flipflops!)


Waxing is done with warm fluid wax in a cassette with a roller. For waxing, the hair needs to be about 5 mm long. If you scrub your skin the day before this will prevent ingrown hair.


Shaping of the eyebrows takes 10 to 15 minutes as a seperate treatment.


Relaxing footmassage: is perfect for people with stress, (head)aches or musclecramps but also of course if you just want to pamper yourself!

Theraputic footmassage: to relieve complaints such as headaches, backpain, indigestion and many other problems.